Elder's Letter



November 2017
Dear Friends
Earlier this year I enjoyed a holiday with my family at Center Parcs, Whinfell Forest, Cumbria.                   
On our first visit a few years ago we booked a horse riding activity, which had been a long standing wish of mine.  I have to admit I enjoyed it very much.
Needless to say I had another wish for this recent visit, which was a zip wire descent. I thought this would be relatively easy.                                                                                
I was most disappointed to find it involved what they called Tree Trekking consisting of tackling ropes and obstacles strung from one tree to another and requiring a lot of strength in your knees and arms. My grandchildren were saying ‘go for it Granny’ but after observing others I had this awful thought, what if I froze or I couldn’t get myself from one point to the other due to not having the strength, I would need rescuing.                                             
Imagine the headlines in the Center Parc News   ‘ Granny rescued from Tree Trek/Zip Wire’  and a warning, if you are not fit don’t zip.  This was enough to put me off so with a heavy heart I had to abandon my zip wire adventure.
I haven’t given up one day I will fulfil this wish (hopefully)
Isn’t life a bit like tree trekking, with obstacles and unforeseen circumstances getting in the way of our hopes, dreams and aspirations. I am sure if we seek The Lord’s  help, and it is His will, He will give us the strength and means we need to enable us to achieve whatever we aim for.
God Bless