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From Liz Hall

Ann loved music. She had been playing the organ for many years, first at BlundellsandsURC and then for the last 3 years sharing playingbetween Crosby and BlundellsandsURC Churches. This meant that Ann was one person who I rarely saw in Church because while we were sharing the organ playing, one would be at Blundellsands and the other at Crosby.

I was lucky enough to be on the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral’sshort organ course for pianists with Jennie, Ann’s daughter. Ann came to the last class which was mostly a performance by the students. Ann was very proud of Jennie’s performance (as she was of all of Jennie’s musical achievements), but was also thrilled when Jennie arranged for her to get a chance to play the main organ. In contrast, seeing Ann playing bravely on the crematorium organ for her son’sfuneral was incredibly sad and moving.

Ann loved to play the Church organ. She told me that her husband was questioned very late one evening when he came to the side door leading up to the organ loft to pick her up after she had been playing.   To be fair to the police, it probably sounded like a tall story, being midnight, until Ann appeared, much to the policeman’s surprise.

Ann will be greatly missed. Our thoughts are with her family at this very sad time.

From Lesley Akers, Barbara Philpott and Trigger

Barbara has known Ann for over 20 years and has fond memories of her when they both ran the Church Youth Club and Ann playing the piano and doing crafts for the children of Praise and Play. 

I, on the other hand, have only known Ann for just over three years.  The first time I saw her was Autumn 2016 when the congregation was displaying items made during the Harvest Festival.   I remember seeing this very slight lady walking round the pews surrounded by paintings, not realising, she was the artist until I commented on them.   When I joined Praise and Play, I realised it was the same lady playing the piano and not only was she an artist but also a passionate and talented musician.  Keith and I used to visit Ann and Terry when Ann had been unwell over the years and me, being nosy, asked how they met and generally about their life together.

They met on a train from London when Ann had been visiting her sister at university and I think Terry had just paid off from a merchant navy ship. They went on a date and then Ann said she didn’t want to see him again and Terry said he wasn’t bothered either! Don’t believe a word of it, as they were obviously devoted to each other and finally carried on their relationship, got married and had four children.

The funniest story Ann told Keith and I was that her first job was working for a vet in South Liverpool who she used to helpgeld cart horses. When Roy Rogers was performing in Liverpool her boss was called to help his horse, Trigger, who was unwell and Ann, of course, assisted.  The image of this gentle, tiny woman, assisting to geld horses is beyond imagination but she said she ‘didn’t mind’ and took it in her stride as she did with all situations.

Ann was also a nurse and then a primary school teacher.  We really do miss her at Praise and Play as my singing unaccompanied is sadly lacking without her piano playing.  She loved being with the children, mums and grans and her gentle manner and patience with the children didn’t go unseen.

She also made great fudge and used to bring Barbara and I tomatoes from her garden, which were lovely.  She was a kind woman and would often buy me craft books and give me lots of craft materials she no longer needed for use with the children at Praise and Play and was supportive of my craft efforts.

She was no stranger to tragedy in her life with the loss of one son and another having a serious accident but I know she took great comfort in Jennie, David, Michael and her grandchildren.

Goodbye and God Bless to this very talented lady who is very much missed.

From Norah Hart

Ann will be very sadly missed at Blundellsands and Crosby United Reformed Church.  Ann was a very gifted musician, playing the organ for both Crosby and Blundellsands’ Churches,  though she would never think of herself that way.  Indeed, she was inclined to underestimate her talents as an organist and be unduly self-critical.  Always quiet and softly spoken, Ann was a delightful person and eager to listen to other people’s news.  She would often remember, before and after a Church service, to play music that was particularly appropriate to the day and events that were important in people’s lives and interests.  Our love and sympathy go to Ann’s family.  We hold them in our prayers.


Update March 2020
A Church meeting  was held on 15th March 2020 to plan for meetings and services in the Church, in view of the coronavirus pandemic.  At that time, it was decided to curtail most meetings but continue with the services.  Renters would be approached and allowed to continue using the premises at their own discretion.
However, on 16th March 2020, the government recommended that all over 70s and people in  vulnerable groups socially isolate at home.  They also recommended that the general population should work from home if possible and not visit bars, cafes, meetings etc.
On 17th March 2020, Mersey Synod and other religious leaders recommended the suspension of services for the foreseeable future.  All serving elders plus other key members of the congregation were contacted, either by email or phone, and opinions sought.  There was an overwhelming majority in favour of following the advice.
Therefore, with immediate effect, the Church will be closed. There will be no services, lettings, meetings or Saturday coffee bar. This will be until further notice.

Blundellsands Methodist church, Mersey Road, have been in similar talks and they too have decided to suspend all church services until further notice.

Please keep in touch by phone or email with other members of the congregation and with an elder if you have any problems.
I hope you all stay well and that we will all meet up again in the not too distant future.
God bless you all
Joyce lightfoot



Our church is located by the College Road roundabout in Crosby. We have a regular 10:30am service on a Sunday morning, sometimes shared with our friends from Blundellsands Methodist church (dates for these can be found here). Everyone is invited to come along to our service where you would be made to feel most welcome by our friendly congregation. We also have lots more to offer the community. We have....

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