Leader’s Letter April 2020


This is a very extraordinary time when we have had to make very difficult lifestyle changes and decisions especially in the life of our precious Church.  Who would have thought a month ago that we would not be attending Church each Sunday and especially at Easter, one of the most important times in the Church calendar. It was very sad for Lesley, Barbara and Mary Honess having to suspend Praise and Play, especially as Mary has brought a new dimension with kids’ yoga, which the children have really taken to and lightens the heart seeing tiny toddlers grappling with the lotus position!  I know that Ladies’ Fellowship and Strictly Come Crafting will be greatly missed and that our renters have to cope with the loss of income, however, all these sacrifices are, sadly, for a reason and necessary to keep us all safe.
Lesley and I have started going on walks each day, keeping two metres apart from passers by to get some fresh air and attempting to keep fit.  It is unusual that we have so much spare time as I always seem to be very busy with Church responsibilities, practising and performing with Focus Gallery Band and performing at New Song in Warrington.  Walking to the beach on a beautiful sunny, spring day listening to the birds singing is really uplifting and for me the profound presence of God is all around us in the beautiful blue sky, the sea lapping on to the beach and the endurance of the human spirit in the face of adversity.  Faith in Christ strengthens our resolve to come through this challenging time unharmed, it really is a time where leaning on god and knowing he is there with us is very comforting. Keeping our eyes on Christ at all times will help us all to endure this very challenging time.

Thinking of you always .

Keith Wright