Elders Letter October 2019


We are in a position right now in our church life where i feel we are really blessed that we have such a good relationship with our Christian family from Blundellsands URC and Blundellsands Methodist churches. And in a month especially full of emotion for Blundellsands URC, we pray and give support to them and of course welcome them into our fellowship. And positively looking ahead, I feel it is important to take on any new challenges with fresh and open eyes, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in the direction with which we are all meant to be taken. We should all continue to pray that no matter where the location of our worship is, we are all children of God, thankful and blessed to have Him and to have each other. The lectionary reading’s for October continues with the Gospel of Luke. Luke’s Gospel reminds us that it can sometimes make us feel small or insignificant in a society, especially with continuing population growth along with all the other forms of communication and social media available right now. These feelings can seem painful because we are all made in God’s image and want to experience the glory we were originally destined for. Being Together. Luke’s Gospel confronts us with a reminder that even with the feeling of ‘smallness’... God is drawn. He has a great heart. When the disciples ask Jesus to increase their faith, Jesus reminds them that if they have even a tiny amount of faith they can achieve extraordinary things. Then he says that they are simply being invited to fulfil the task given to them. I feel that here at Eshe Road, there is not just a tiny amount of faith, but speaking to everyone, there is a strong faith and passion that makes me proud to be a part of this family. A growing family. And so...As we all worship one God, let us All worship one God together. Whatever our Denomination, In your name, Jesus Christ, Amen 

God bless, 

Andy Jeens