May 2019

I am writing this Elder’s letter in the immediate aftermath of the devastating fire that destroyed a large  part of one of the most famous churches in the world – Notre Dame cathedral in Paris which I am sure many of you will have visited. Watching the flames devour the fleche and the roof was truly awesome. In the cold light of another day we can experience the beginning of a will not be bogged down by despair but to be buoyed up by its opposite – hope. It is appropriate at Easter to remember that the dark day of Good Friday was followed by the joy of Easter day. The Resurrection.

And we can all see as we go about our daily lives the resurrection of nature in the trees heavy with blossom and the proliferation in our gardens of crocuses and daffodils. This yearly miracle we call spring is always uplifting. So while we mourn alongside the people of France at the loss of their iconic cathedral we can rejoice that they already have plans to rebuild.

Easter is a time of hope and renewal and we in this church must continue to believe that we have a bright future in our ever closer ties with Warren Road and Mersey Road churches. We have it in our hands in the way we welcome and continue to get to know our friends to cement that future we all long for.

Yours in Christ

John Wild